Well ladies and gents, your trusty bronze-medaled, women's volleyball Spartans are leaving the country. We're off to Paraguay alongside Athletes in Action to help fight poverty and spread God's love. We're using our sport as a platform as we're helping in orphanages, food stations, and whatever else God calls us to do. Our team is leaving April 26th and returning on May 9th, and this is where we'll be documenting all of our experiences and thoughts. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


All the international borders have been crossed and all the foreign air has been flown through. We, in our zombied state, with our sweat Fed-Ex'd directly from Canada, have made it! The planes, the stowaway trays, the animated stewardesses; it's all done with for 2 weeks and we now enter into the world of the relatively unknown.
The only way I can describe Paraguay is diversity. The neighbourhoods are decorated with cobblestone and forest, as they are both seemingly one. The roads are poor excuses for roads, as the white dotted lines only represent invitation to honk and the sidewalks only represent invitation for psychotic drivers. The orange underbelly of Paraguay also always manages to show itself; the soil which looks so painfully thirsty compared to the rest of this lush land. It is everything our North American minds are not used to. This country lacks the political correctness and the organization that we have all grown up with. One man's driveway is another man's front yard is another man's Ford dealership. Every class of society and hint of hierarchy can be found within a minute drive down the same road. Their front yards and main streets boast the litter from their last meals, and for some reason it seems to bother absolutely no one. There are graffiti collages, skinny rib-caged dogs, and street beggars that just camouflage right into the niche of the city.   It is a crazy new world that offers humidity, socially acceptable staring, and excitement.

Tomorrow we start impacting the youngest and weakest members of society as we're visiting orphanages and food stations in the capital. Please pray for safety in every aspect, whether it be driving or caring for the Paraguayan children. We will also be uploading pictures soon, so stay around!

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