Well ladies and gents, your trusty bronze-medaled, women's volleyball Spartans are leaving the country. We're off to Paraguay alongside Athletes in Action to help fight poverty and spread God's love. We're using our sport as a platform as we're helping in orphanages, food stations, and whatever else God calls us to do. Our team is leaving April 26th and returning on May 9th, and this is where we'll be documenting all of our experiences and thoughts. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Paraguayan Poetry

Group Red
Me gusta Paraguay
But that’s not all we’re gonna say
Alejandro took us on a bumpy ride
To take us to an orphanage on the other side
We laugh, we play, and we smile
It makes us want to stay awhile
We heard their story
And it aint no Bory:
Jose y Wilma are our homies
And I tell ya it aint no phony.
Forever they will be in our hearts
Even though tomorrow we will have a new start.
The trip to the eat was not short
But we made it to the food Courtney Rosenberg
Helado was the cherry on top
It made none of us want to stop.
We’re almost Spanish with our almost tan.
We don’t drive no normal mini vans
Who knows what tomorrow will bring
God does, he knows everything
Buenos Noches.

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  1. yo team!!
    I'm reading these posts daily and praying for all of you. Miss you all, my heart is with you guys.
    mad love.